Daily Interactive Live Sessions on Indian Economy & Geography

Daily Interactive Live Sessions on Indian Economy and Geography by Sivakumar G | From April 9th, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM – Stay Tuned.

Indian Economy Topics Covered:

• Introduction to Economic and Indian Economy
• Measures of National Income
• Introduction to Monetary and Fiscal Policies
• Inflation
• Monetary Policy
• Fiscal Policy
• Taxation
• Money and Banking
• Money and Capital Markets
• Balance of Payments
• IMF and World Bank
• GATT and WTO
• Agriculture
• Measures of Development
• Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment

Along with Budget FY 2021-22, Economic Survey FY 2020-21and Previous Questions from 2011 would be discussed.

**Discussion of Important articles in Newspaper

Geography Topics Covered:

• Origin and Age of the Earth
• Structure of the Earth’s Interior
• Continents and Ocean Basins
• Earth’s Movements
• Mountain Building
• Earth Quakes
• Vulcanism and Volcanoes
• Weathering and Erosion
• Physical Geography of India
• Drainage System in India
• Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
• Insolation and Temperature
• Air Pressure and Atmospheric Circulation
• Humidity and Precipitation
• Air Masses, Frontogenesis
• Cyclones and Anticyclones
• Climate of India and Monsoons
• Soils of India
• Distribution of Vegetation in India
• Agriculture
• Reliefs of the Ocean Basins
• Temperature, Salinity and Density of Ocean Water
• Ocean Currents
• Coral Reefs.


1. All Sessions are free
2. Doubts clarification on daily basis
3. Strictly confined to Prelims syllabus
4. Geography classes to start after Indian Economy.
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